Princeton Citizen Scientists is a group of Natural Science, Engineering and Social Science Graduate Students who have organized. We have been meeting on campus since the November election. We seek to better understand the situation that we all expect to face in the coming few years and what actions we can take as the Princeton community to protect the ideals of equality, justice, compassion and fact-based public policies.

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We organized a campus-wide day of conversation and action on March 6 at Princeton University. This day was an opportunity to put routine aside and focus our attention on learning from each other about the challenges that we face in this country and around the world. We ask what these challenges mean to us as a community devoted to scholarship, the use of knowledge for the common good, and the ideals of equality, diversity, liberty, democracy, and justice.

The March 6 Day of Action is based on a call to action—signed by over 1100 Princeton University community members including over 110 faculty members—urging the community to “pause their regular activities at Princeton on March 6, and join us for a day of action, devoted to the examination of the present situation and its alternatives”: