Science and Intersectionality

The Princeton Citizen Scientists, in collaboration with other student organizations, are holding a series of talks / teach-ins taking an intersectional look at the relation of the sciences to society in the form of advocacy, science culture, and the ways we as scientists and academics can actively foster an inclusive community.

Browse the list of teach-ins below, organized by start times. Click on a teach-in title to see more information about the teach-in. Some teach-ins may be longer than others.


The list was last updated on Friday, February 16th

Thursday, February 15

Thursday 04:30 PM

Beyond Social Justice: A conversation on the intrinsic benefits of diversifying science
(Zemer Gitai)
Empowering the Future: Teaching Old Institutions New Tricks
(Alex Helman and Layne Scherer - National Academy of Science)
The Ethics of Algorithms
(Nathan Ensmenger '94)

Thursday 05:20 PM

Connection is a Choice
(James Rea - Alan Alda Center)

Let’s talk about being authentic and breaking stereotypes while navigating your scientific career
(Dean Vanessa Gonzalez-Perez)

Inclusivity, Identity, and Nuclear Fusion: Promoting Diversity at the National Labs
(Shannon Greco)

Thursday 06:10 PM

Beyond the Bench: the Socially Responsible Scientist
(Abby Notterman)

The Roles of NSF in Promoting Inclusiveness
(Jannette Carey)

Friday, February 16

Friday 04:30 PM

The Science of Science Advice: Improve It
(Valerie Thomas)

Teaching Science, Living Science
(Damian Griffin)

An Intersectional Approach to Understanding Barriers to Success in STEM
(Geraldine Cochran)

Friday 05:20 PM

Seeing Ourselves in Science
(Paula Croxson)

RESCHEDULED The Roles of NSF in Promoting Inclusiveness
(Jannette Carey)

Where are all the people?
(Cynthia Hill)

Friday 06:10 PM

Tools for Effective Science Communication
(Dan Steinberg)
CANCELLED Creating Inclusive STEM Classrooms
(Nimisha Barton)