Meetings & Events

Meetings of Princeton Citizen Scientists

Every Thursday, 6-7:30pm
Location: 221 Nassau, second floor

Past events

Advocacy trip to Washington DC

Monday 5/1/2017, all day
Location: Washington DC
A day trip to Washington DC in the spring semester to meet with elected representatives of the congress and senate staffers. We had 18 attendees and met with a total of 22 different Congress members’ offices!

March for Science

Saturday 4/22/2017, all day
Location: Washington DC
See here for more information.

Day of Action

Monday 3/6/2017, all day
Location: Frist Campus Center
Facebook event:

Writing and Communication Workshop, with Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

Thursday 2/23/2017, 9am-6pm
Location: Frist Campus Center, Room 330 (McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning) for morning session

This workshop seeks to encourage participants to engage policymakers and the general public. It offers tips and insights into using social media, television, radio, and other media platforms to advance ideas. It is designed to encourage participants to develop and try out new communication skills, and connect their research findings to those outside their field of expertise.

Topics will focus on nuclear weapons and disarmament, the changing energy landscape, climate change, and emerging technologies (bio, neuro, AI…), which are the bulletin core issues (check their website at:

Book Club

“A Scientists Guide to Talking with the Media.”

Lobby day

On Dec 6, 2016, we joined up with the Coalition for Peace Action and the Friends Committee on National Legislation to get a first-hand experience of what it’s like to lobby Congress as a grassroots organization!