About us

We are a group of Princeton graduate students in physical sciences, social sciences, and engineering. We’ve organized to understand what we, as scientists and scholars, can do to tackle the societal issues we face today and to promote democratic participation and evidence-based policy-making. We’ve formed several task forces on a wide range of issues: from climate change mitigation and energy policies to nuclear weapons modernization and social justice. We seek to train and inform ourselves through dedicated workshops, weekly discussion and joint research. The work of our task forces serve to coordinate our collective action.

As Citizen Scientists, we are a community dedicated to the values of equity, human rights, international cooperation, and access to knowledge. We believe in vibrant democratic institutions and the public’s right to be informed in making collective choices for its future.

We embrace people of all ethnicities, religions, nationalities, genders, and identities, and are committed to defend the free and vigorous exchange of ideas.


To bring about a world where policy is guided by evidence, compassion, and respect, and where the public has reliable access to scientific knowledge, and is empowered to demand effective, evidence-based policy grounded in science.

Mission (Research, Political Action, Communication & Education)

To bring that vision to reality we will

  1. Build a network of Princeton students, affiliates, and allies dedicated to evidence-based policy and to researching and effectively communicating science and policy measures.
  2. Develop our capacity as researchers, policy-analysts, communicators, and active participants in the democratic process.
  3. Provide an independent, scientific analysis of key policy issues in the public interest.
  4. Inform, engage, and communicate with the public by any and all available methods.
  5. Demand science not be antithetical to the public interest by supporting open, ethical practices and policies in the scientific community.
  6. Support democratic institutions and fight for our ideals by organizing and taking political action. We are determined to communicate directly with our government officials and to protest where necessary.


In our work, we operate with the following values:

  • Collective action and democracy,
  • Respect, compassion, and human rights,
  • Evidence, transparency, inclusivity, freedom of expression, and
  • A dedication to education and progress.